Sunday, 5 October 2014

The next big things

Since coming back to Norwich my social life has got in the way of my crafting a little... every time I think I have a free weekend, some chim invites me to something and of course being a bit of a social butterfly I just have to accept! At last, this weekend, other than a flying visit from my lovely oldest-bestest friend I have had time to catch up on housework and get a bit of crafting in.

I have a long list of things to make for Christmas presents which, obviously I can't post here yet, so here are two things I can tell you all about!

First up is the crazy quilt I started to make well over a year ago...
It is coming along quite nicely now. I have all the patches wunda-webbed on and have sewn most of them down; however just when I think I am nearing the end I find a few more that still need stitching... sigh; it's beginning to feel like I'll never get to the end! I have completely cheated on this project as I have bought a cheap 4.5 tog duvet for the wadding and a large Primark fleece for the backing... I'm not looking forward to sewing all that lot together! Then of course once that is (eventually) done, I shall have to make my own bias binding to edge it with. Luckily (thanks to my wonderful mum) I have an extensive fabric to raid for that.

My other big project is to make another quilt (am I mad?!), this time for my beloved son-and-heir. That boy (he's a 27 year old beardy chap now) had the most extensive collection of band t-shirts I've ever seen... FOUR large vacuum bags full of them, all living in my spare room! Luckily his smashing girlfriend helped me 'persuade' him to have a sort out and he divided them in to 3 piles; 'keep to wear','car boot' and 'won't wear but want to keep'. The last pile I will use to make a soft blankie-quilt. So, last night I sat and cut out all the logos and kept the larger plain sections in case I can use them for binding...

The boy's quilt is going to be his Christmas present (I'm doing homemade presents as much as possible this year), which means I really have to crack on with it. The crazy quilt I can carry on doing in odd moments here and there when I have time, thank goodness; plus it is a good project for using up half empty spools of thread leftover from other projects.

So that is all going to keep me out of mischief for a while!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Time for a change

I have a couple of jumpers that I have had for ages and no longer wear... I'm going through a cardi phase
Having already sliced up an old mid sleeve t-shirt to make a cardi before I thought I'd try it again but with pockets

It's pretty easy, if a little fiddly working with knitted acrylic

First I sliced up the middle and zigzagged the cut edge
To stop the edges stretching I sewed in a piece of grosgrain ribbon for stability

Finally I had a root through my fabric stash and found some dark purple fabric for the pockets...

Ta-dah... a new cardi for summer!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

I'm back!

Can it really be almost 18 months since I last posted? It looks like it must be... I should hang my head in shame

Admittedly, I've been a tad busy, but really that is no excuse

I have done some crafting in that time, but as usual mainly forgot to take photos! Late last summer I moved back to Norwich and I've been busy settling in, catching up with old friends, finding a job and making some lovely new friends

Some crafting has been done; mainly making costumes for fancy dress parties... I do so love getting dressed up and am lucky that I have friend who throws the best fancy dress parties ever

So, here's what I made for Halloween & an 'A' party for New year's Eve

Little witch-hat fascinator & net capelet

Persuaded the son's best friend to go as a unicorn...
made him papier-mâché 
gold horn & rainbow tail of ribbons

Son's lovely GF...
made a net skirt & corpse bride veil fascinator

I was Agnetha from Abba; cant see the flares I made sadly
(with chum's bro as Alice Cooper)

I did make a few homemade gifts for Christmas too... but that'll be another post!

Hope you've all been keeping well whilst I've been AWOL... I'm now off to catch up with what all you lovely people have been up to... see you soon!

Saturday, 23 February 2013


You know you're going to have 'one of those days' when this happens...
I'll be back in a few days once that little lot is cleared, up with an update on my blog swaps once they are received

I have been busy crafting and not just chucking buttons about the place... honest!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Loving Beetroot

My sister is a fantastic cook and creates the most delicious lunches when I go to her house, so it really gets me thinking about what to whip up when we do lunch at my house

Last week my mum had given me a pack of beetroot (I adore fresh non-vinegared beetroot) and I had just bought some sunflower seeds and had a some fresh crunchy celery lolling about in the fridge... so I whacked them all together with a dash of balsamic vinegar and a splodge of crème fraiche. It was ridiculously easy, tasted scrumptious, was healthy, lowish in calories and fat and the leftovers tasted even better the next day... a hit!

So if you fancy making it...
(with my recipes the amounts are mostly guesstimates - this made enough for a side salad for 2, plus the leftover portion)
  • A couple of fresh cooked (but cold!) beetroot
  • 2-3 sticks of celery
  • 2-3 spring onions
  • Small handful of sunflower seeds
  • Generous dash of balsamic vinegar
  • About a tablespoon of crème fraiche

Roughly chop  the beetroot and bung in a bowl
Splash some balsamic vinegar over it
Throw in the sunflower seeds & finely chopped spring onions
Stir in creme fraiche

Top with thinly sliced celery
I served it with pittas stuffed with mayo-crayfish tails and lettuce flavoured with chilli dipping sauce. It was supposed ot be a marie-rose dressing, but I had had run out of ketchup and the chilli sauce was close in colour* but I used a bit much so they were quite fiery!  

The leftovers were delicious in a wholewheat pitta the next day

* substituting ingredients on the basis of colour is probably not one of my best ideas!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Making it Big... first update....

The lovely Helen over at Moonstruck Creations has thrown down a gauntlet...
I'm joining in with my crazy quilt

As ever, I am not one to shy away from joining in and as I started an odd kind of crazy patchwork quilt type thing back in the summer, I think this will spur me on to get the darn thing finished!

Progress so far...

I have been randomly sewing chopped up scraps of fabric on to a single sheet I picked up in a charity shop on one of my lovely days out with the old stick my lovely mum

 The plan is to gradually fill all the gaps, then I shall be embellishing it with some ribbons and fancy embroidery stitches inspired by Sue at @home and Briony at Crafty Cats Corner

Having seen the soft and comfy looking fluffy rag quilt Kath at Hillside House made recently, I am humming and haa-ing about whether to leave some of my edges fluffy too. (I wonder how many ideas from other blogs I can incorporate in to one project?!)

Once all that is done I shall get some wadding/batting from The Spinning Weal. When I have that and a nice soft flannelette sheet for backing I aim to take the whole lot down to The Stitch Academy in Taunton to hire one of their quilting machines to put it all together

I discovered this interesting looking place on a jaunt out with Mum one weekend to a scrumptious craft fair and the girl manning the stall was so lovely I can't wait until I get to the point where I am ready to sew it up. If she is at all representative of the Stitch Academy I know I am in for a good day... she was really helpful, clearly enjoyed quilting and the machines she had on display and was just all round a Jolly Good Egg!

I do realise that there will some sharp intakes of breath from some real quilters out there at my admittedly bizarre method, but I know you won't mind too much really... I do like to experiment... although in this case I ave already realised I am using far more thread that I really need to! Ah well; live and learn!