Sunday, 15 February 2015

And the winners will (not) be exterminated!

Hallo all you lovely people who took the time to comment on my GYB post

Time to announce the winners of my little giveaway





I'll drop you a line on your blogs, please let me know your postal address and I'll try and get your little treats in the post next weekend

This weekend I went to the 60th birthday party of a very good friend who just happens to like daleks

Naturally, one can't possibly have a birthday party without a cake, so....

I used some chocolate fairy cakes stuck together with frosting and then poured a load of melted Cadbury's chocolate all over it and embellished it with gold balls and topped it off with a mallow teacake. The candle played happy birthday!

I made three initially as I knew they may not all turn out ok. Good job really as one was too wonky and one collapsed completely!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

GROW YOUR BLOG... and a little giveaway

Recently whilst browsing my usual suspects I clicked, as I often do, through to blogger names I've not noticed before and found a link to vicki-2bagsfull who is hosting a wonderful grow your blog party... hence the title of this post!

I've never really told y'all much about me have I? Well, only snippets now and again, so here goes...

I'm Rae; a woman of 'a certain age'! 

The main members of the cast of my life are: My Lovely Mum (often mentioned, and not just because she feeds my fabric addiction), Super Sister, Beloved Son and his Spiffing Girlfriend (S-GF happens to be a fellow crafter so naturally one approves greatly), 
Beloved Son with Spiffing Girlfriend at Halloween 
Me with Smashing Sister back in the early 80s
Me with Smashing Sister who treated me to a fab makeover modelling day for my 40th

Beloved Son and me ready for my work ball

Beloved Son puts up with Adoring Mother

Bestest Friend; a chum I've known since early on at grammar school, so we go way back!
Bestest Friend and me at fancy dress do... I do so love fancy dress!

I started this blog mostly because My Lovely Mum has two Smashing Sisters and when I made some new crafty thing she would sometimes mention it to them and as they are both of the artistic ent they would often request a photo. Of course this entailed me taking a piccy, emailing it to M-L-M, who then emailed it on to the Smashing Sisters. What a faff! So to simplify things I thought if I have a blog then anyone can see what I've been up to. Also useful for Bestest Friend too as she likes to keep up with my goings on as well
My Lovely Mum with Youngest Aunt and Oldest Aunt

Not changed much have they?
Of course the downside to all this over-sharing is when it comes to present times... I have to wait until my loved ones have received the tosh I make before I get to post piccies! Not easy for an impatient devotee of instant gratification

I am a crafting butterfly; I hop from one craft to the next (with the exception of crochet as I have never managed to get the hang of it). When I started this blog I was heavily in to felting, both wet and dry; hence the name, which is a play on words as I was also training in holistic massage. Sadly, felting is very time consuming and with a full-time job and a burgeoning social life I don't do it as much as I would like, but I am hoping to do some more this year, now that I have settled down after moving across the country

Anyway... enough of my waffling and on to the fun! As part of all of this I get to offer three prizes! Hurrah! I've always wanted to do a giveaway type thing and now I can! 

So; three of you will get a little gift; a bracelet, or a lavender bag or felt flower brooch

To enter all you have to do is leave me a comment.. I'll post anywhere in the world, so no restrictions... easy, isn't it?!

I'll get Beloved Son and Spiffing Girlfriend to assist in a random draw and the winners will be announced on 14th February

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Party on Dudes

Not content with making presents; I have also whipped up a couple of creations for fancy dress parties. My chum and her other half host the most legendary Halloween and New Year's Eve parties I've ever been to, so the stakes are high in the costume game!

For Halloween I went as a scary teacher. This only involved minimal crafting as all I had to make was the mortar board. Pretty simple really: black card decorated with a tassel with a felt cap beneath, all topped off with a tassel...
Beloved son and his Spiffing GF flanking some weird woman!
Last New Year's Eve, it was an 'A' Party; so naturally this time was the 'B' Party. I decided to go as Tippi Hedren from the Hitchcock movie The Birds. Luckily I picked up a 'mother of the bride' green dress and jacket from eBay for a fiver. It was a tad snug so I extended it by undoing the seams and adding inserting a couple of panels using the lining. Then I bought some cheap polystyrene bird forms and after raiding my old fascinator stash for feathers I got busy with my glue gun...
Happy New Year!

Friday, 2 January 2015

A Crafty Christmas

Finally I can prove I have not been slacking in recent months!

I was a busy little bee making presents for the family...

My sister had asked for a couple of peg bags... and I just happened to have in my stash the remains of a table cloth that had down the rounds; it started off as my mum's, then got passed to my sis, who cut it down to fit her table and I got the rest. Ha - right back at you sister! 

She also wanted hanging pockets for her twin sons cabin beds. My lovely mum came to visit earlier in the year weighed down with copious amounts of delicious John Lewis remnants and bargains; which included a couple of those curtain display samples that have a rainbow of colors hanging fro one long strip. Years ago, when Beloved Son was little I'd turned one of these in to a hanging pocket organiser for his socks...

My mum wanted another satchel/tote style handbag, so following her specifications for size and pocket capacity I found a fabric I thought she might quite like (she did; after it all it was another one she'd brought with her for me on her trip). I was a little bit adventurous and added an adjustable slider thingy to the strap...

So, what with Beloved Son's T-Shirt blankie and the little gifts for Bestest Friend it really has been quite a crafty autumn!

Hope you have all had a smashing Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year

See you soon!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

The BIG Reveal!

Well, I got my lovely son's t-shirt blankie finished at last... and just in time too

Looks like he likes it :)

Although he wasn't quite as impressed to get sprouts
Luckily they were only made of chocolate, so I got forgiven!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Owl be seeing you!

Sorry it's been awhile, but... hallo again!

It's been a busy few weeks for me; new job and a divine holiday thanks to my bestest friend. She whisked me off for a week of winter sun in a luxurious hotel in Lanzarote. Me? Spoiled? Oh yes! I wanted to show my thanks to her and came up with the idea of a taking little gift to give her each day of the holiday.

Some things were little in-jokes between us, but I also wanted make somes things for her too. Over the last few years of crafting I have collected quite a nice stash odds and ends along with fabric; the Blue Peter side of me keeps all kinds of things waiting for inspiration to strike.

First up, I had picked up a packet of Euro paper hankies and decided to make a holder for them with a pocket on the back for hand sanitiser. I also had been keeping a small owl shaped watch (she is an owl-caholic!) and then, whilst rummaging through my stash, I found a tiny nail file on a chain... putting them all together - ta-dah!

I thought I had seen a standing spectacle holder owl, so I spent a long time looking for a pattern through all my Pinterest boards and then Googling for what I was certain I'd seen. Eventually I got out out my crafty ideas notebook ad there it was... a rough sketch of an owl shaped glasses caddy. Hmmm... I guess it was an original idea of my own then! (If any of you know otherwise, please let me have a link so I can give credit were it's due)

A lovely work chum had given me some air-dry clay and the fabrics all came from my stash. The specs were made of some leftover wire I have had lurking around for yonks, covered with silver elastic cord. I was pretty chuffed with how it turned out.

See the clock in the background? That came from my Helen in my first ever blogswap. The filing cabinet was begin chucked out and now has a new loving home as pride of place in my craft room and one of my things to do in the new year is to paint the drawers in a rainbow.

My friend was really pleased with both handmade pressies as well as the other bonkers little gifts. 

Of course, coming back to a shivering 3 degrees last week was not as much fun as the holiday had been!