Saturday, 5 September 2015

A brace of pictures!

Way back in early spring, the elder of Smashing Aunts requested I make her a needle felted picture of a canal scene. Now, when your Aunt makes a request which inspires you, you're hardly likely to say no are you?!

The brief was a canal scene with primroses, bluebells, bulrushes, toadstools and a heron. Well, other than the heron I think I managed it. sadly it wasn't all plain sailing as I kept getting 'felter's block'. But eventually I got it finished!

As I found that felting a heron was beyond me, I made a little lavender bag from hand printed fabric with a bird motif, which I hope made up for the lack of heron

I did enjoy getting back in to felting and in the middle of one night I suddenly woke up with the solution to my Oldest Bestest Friend's birthday present for this year. She likes poppies, so I wet felted the background of poppies and tree against a sunset. Once it was dry I needle felted the details of the poppies and embellished it with some (and I use the term in its vaguest sense) embroidery; including a small owl in the tree as she is a bit of an owlcaholic!

Not the greatest photo, but it did turn out well and was a big hit
I've not been crafting much lately due to my social life getting a tad busy and also my crafting mojo seems to have disappeared for a while, but as I am doing the Dryathlon I have more time on my hands and I need t crack on with making presents for holidays, birthdays and Chrimble I shall be keeping myself busy. Of course since these will makes for presents I won't be able to blog about them for some time yet!

If any of you lovely peeps feel like like supporting my booze free endeavour it is in a very good cause: Cancer Research ... just click on the link - every little helps!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Pretty Pinny

It was recently beloved son's Spiffing Girlfriend's birthday

At my birthday party she mentioned having a seen vintage pinny in Brighton that was too dear to justify buying. Which pleased me muchly as I'd had a hankering to make her a pretty pinny for some time now, as she is a fantastic baker of delicious cakes

On Mother's day I was lucky enough to have both her, Beloved Son and some good chums round for lunch and I let her loose in my fabric stash to pick the type of material she'd like her pinny made up in. In a matter of moments her eyes lit up as she clocked a gorgeous vintage duvet cover I'd picked up in a charity shop on a jaunt with My Lovely Mum. I'd been saving it for an inspirational moment that never came!

So, on the last day of May (her birthday is 1st of June... nothing like a bit of last minute-ness to get the old creativity flowing!) I spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon cutting and sewing and swearing. Luckily I had a very good chum on the other end of FaceBook who seemed willing to put up with a torrent of yelping messages whenever I made a boo-boo i the process! Don't you find that a little support makes a huge difference to your mood whilst crafting?

By the end of the day, after sewing the shoulder straps inside out (and triple stitching them for security... grrr!) a bit of unpicking and resewing I finally finished a pinny that I am really rather proud of :)

The waist tie is from a goody bag of belts to
craft with that a fab chum gave me for Xmas
The previous week I knocked out a felted picture for my Oldest Bestest Friend. I'll post about that once I can find the pictures!

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Meet Myrtle

One of the first things I treated myself to when I moved in to my flat getting on for 2 years ago was a dressmaking mannequin. My Lovely Mum named her Myrtle; suits her doesn't it?

Here she is modelling an a dress I adapted for a Murder mystery dinner party set in 1942. I picked up the black net embellished with shiny turquoise for the bargain price of £3 a yard in the sale at Divine John Lewis. I was going to make a whole dress, but lack of time meant I got as far as the overskirt and panicked! So I quickly hand sewed it over my only evening dress and added a sash to cover the dodgy stitching!

It's taken me a while, but I've finally got my craft room pretty much sorted now. Well, moving across the country and new jobs can take a bit of getting used to!

My craft room also doubles as a guest room, but I am lucky to have a big enough space to fit all my fabric/felting stashes, my adored sewing machine and all the rest of my crafty bits and bobs

I do pack away the wool tops when I have guests, honest!

I'm especially pleased with my narrow filing cabinet that was I have given a loving home to when I found out it was going to be dumped. I'm planning on painting it in a rainbow of colours; it has 14 drawers, so I will use the  colours of the rainbow twice, in gloss and a shimmery finish

Now all I need to do is to find my scissors so I can crack on with cutting out the fabric for a vintage style pinny for Beloved Son's Spiffing Girlfriend's birthday present!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Squeak little piggy, squeak!

Well, although it has been chaotic lately what with super long hours at work as we go-live this weekend, when a good friend leaves for a new job, one just has to send her off with a little gift

My lovely chum loves llamas. Naturally I dug out my wool tops and needles and got stuck in...
You know what? Llamas faces are pretty hard!

Luckily, last week she posted a photo of herself on Facebook with guinea pig... turns out she loves them too. Aha... now, that has to be easier, surely?

Yep... much easier! Of course, I still have to make her a llama as she has seen the WIP photos an fell in love!

But before that I have got to finish the canal picture for my smashing Aunt...
But not this weekend; this weekend I shall be working! Hope you all have a good weekend and get time for some relaxing and crafting

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Sewing & Forgetfulness

I've been particularly busy at work lately as the go-live date of our big project looms ever closer, but I have managed to get some crafting done

What I am not so good at is remembering to take photos! I forgot to take photo of what I made from sari ribbons (it was a mug-rug and turned out rather well; luckily it was for a chum at work, so I shall snap a piccy of it to show you soon!). Then a lovely friend asked me to upcycle a summer dress in to a skirt for her. My first sewing commission in many a year... nervous? Me? Yup! Well, I forgot to take a photo of it as a dress!

But here it is as a skirt...
I was relieved that it turned out rather well
As she has a cat that I am very fond of, I knocked up a quick catnip mouse too
She likes it!

While I had the catnip out, I decided to knock up three more mice as I shall be cat-sitting three moggies for a fortnight in June. Well, one wants to make a good impression on them doesn't one?! 

They are all made from samples of delicious John Lewis fabrics and finished off with tails made with cord from my stash; most of the cord is saved from posh little carrier bags... I just cant throw anything away - you never know when it will come in handy!

Righty-ho; I'd best crack on as I am hosting a murder mystery party for ten people this evening and I still haven't finished making my evening dress... eek - talk about last minute!

Hope you are all having  a lovely weekend whatever you are up to

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A Sari State to be in!

I have had a few saris kicking around in my fabric stash for a while now and when My Lovely Mum treated to me some dress patterns for my birthday this year, one of them seemed perfect for this one
A few hours later and yes, for all for you fellow Sewing Bee addicts; its is the walkaway wraparound dress. Now, the pattern is supposed to be 'very easy'. Well, I'm sure it is if you opt for a sensible fabric like lawn or polycotton. Not so much when you have a lightweight almost chiffon-esque fabric though. Cue a whole lot of swearing and faffing about!

I think it will be ok in the end though, but if not, I will end up with a pretty summer skirt at least!

On the subject of saris; one of my crafternoon chums very kindly gave me a couple of bags of sari ribbons. I'm not a jewellery maker and as that seems to be all I could find to do with them on Google & Pinterest, I decided to attempt something different. First up I had to press my chosen ones, which took quite a while!
It's going to be a present and as soon as I have finished my cunning plan I'll post some piccies... any ideas what I'll be making?