Sunday, 29 May 2011

Loving a rainy day

Well, the weather hasn't be great for the bank holiday weekend today, but it has been prefect for being indoors crafting and ticking off things I ought to get done

I had a whole pile of things to get stuck in to on the table... 

A duvet to be mended for one of my twin nephews, (more) owls to make, oven gloves to sew and cushion covers to cover some of the many free pads I got from freecycle

My mum popped round in the middle of the day to pick up the duvet and stayed and sewed the braid back on a cushion for my sister while I stabbed at an owl-to-be

 By the end of the afternoon I had been pretty successful:

Since it was a rather chilly day I needed to keep my toes toasty. Remember I made a hat for Sharon? She made me some stunning rainbow socks, so now my feet are cosy warm and very happy :)

I am now putting my (snug & smug) feet up with a cup of tea and movie and yes, I am still stabbing away at the old felt owls! 

Happy bank holiday everyone!


  1. I see Ercol chairs? Kerrrchingg!

  2. The Ercol chairs AND table were inherited from my sister's mother in law - my mum covets my table and I am concerned that one day I shall come home to find it gone... she has keys to my flat: allegedly for emergencies!

  3. Didn't notice the table but, yes now I see it.

  4. If I got that lot out I'd never put it away again. You amaze me with your crafting talents. Once my kitchen's done and I have a table out there, I might actually learn to use my sewing machine. Lol.

  5. Richard, I've just been and looked at those ptos again - how on earth did you spot the chairs are Ercol? You are clearly a connoisseur sir!

    Sharon, it's mostly still all over the table! The sewing machine gets packed away only if I am expecting visitors who need feeding!

  6. You have been busy and I love those socks.
    I'm also in love with your Barbie apron in a previous post :o)

    B xxx

  7. B, I'm glad you like my apron - I had such fun the day I found the curtains to make it from with mum and fun making it too. Still got another curtain so I'll be making another one as soon as I get some more blue tape

  8. You're so lucky to have rain! I love the rainbow socks - and thank you for joining in my giveaway!

    Pomona x

  9. Pomona, we had rain and then sunshine, and waht with my socks I feel really lucky this weekend and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for being even luckier now - your giveaway is so lovely :)