Saturday, 11 June 2011

If at first...

After my last little hiccup I thought I'd give the purse idea another whizz

I still had some of the lovely pansy fabric left and I had used up some leftover soft golden wool to make a small sheet of felt

This time I remembered to turn the outsides to the inside before I went near my sewing machine

After a more succeful purse that only needs a smidge more tweaking I treated myself and made a needle felted flower ring



  1. Hi Rae! Thanks for popping over and leaving a comment on my blog. Don't be too amazed by my bag - it has progressed no further, fabric uncut, only one flower sewn on!
    This is the first bag that I have made and I didn't have any of the thick plastic recommended in Gillian's book (of Gillian Gladrags) so I used what I had (and I had read somewhere of others using it too). I honestly had no problems with it. It was strong enough to put the layers on and wrap the edges around. When it came to the rolling, the felt shrunk a lot and the bubble wrap simply scrunched up beautifully inside the felt. Would definitely use it again - cheap, reusable and easy to cut into any shape. Hope that helped!
    You have a great blog, I looked back through your older posts and it was lovely to see what you had done on your course. Have you made any felt beads? They're really easy to make and very effective.
    Pop back and see me soon, I promise to do something to that bag!
    Becky x

  2. Now that's what I call a beautiful purse. You're such a talented lady. Can't wait to come down and see all this stuff for real :)

  3. Hey Girl, Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! Much Much appreciated! I added myself to your followers ;)By the way, you have a really cute blog. I look forward to seeing more!
    Happy blogging,
    Keep in touch,

  4. It's so sweet! And so is the ring!

  5. Hi Rae, adore the ring and am in love with those owls you made!

  6. I love the felt ring, that is so darling!!!
    great job :)


  7. amazing...
    great ...
    i like it.