Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Almost time to go cold turkey

I'm joining in Stashtacular - I have pledged to not buy any fabric for a whole month, That's right, your heard me...  a whole month! Luckily, although not long in the making my fabric stash is pretty healthy, especially since I had a little spurge recently...

... two fat quarters from eBay; the pansy one will be used for lining my next handbag, the other is for a surprise so I can't say any more about that! The mauve and green bundles are remnants from a shop in Frome; they were selling for £2.00 each, but the nice lady only charged me £3.00 for the both. Her sewing thread was only 36p a reel too, so I picked up 3 reels of purple as I ran out of that making that disastrous purse.  

I wish I could remember the name of the shop to tell all you fellow bloggers who live near enough to visit. As you can imagine, I'll be going back soon for more thread and I promise I'll write the shop name down

In Dunelm Mill, not long ago I picked up this lovely pair of tassels , the orange cord and also that lovely seascape fabric in the first photo. Very luckily we are allowed to buy findings and notions and trimmings and beads and ribbons and.... (sorry got a bit excited there) whilst going through the cold turkey of Stashtacular

Wish me luck!


  1. I couldn't possibly join in on this!!! I love my fabric tooooo much!!!!! Anyway I have to buy some fabric for a fabric swap....
    Sue Xxx

  2. You are very brave. I am not sure I could go a whole month cold turkey!! I have a serious fabric addiction, and its getting worse!! amongst all my other craft related addictions! Good luck with you 'fast' Sue x

  3. Both Sues - I am not sure how I am going to manage either! But since I live in a very tiny flat with minimal storage space I figured I ought to use up some of my stash before it took over the entire place!

  4. Erm... this does apply ONLY to fabric? We're going to your local wool shop soon, remember ;-)

  5. I wish you luck, but it's going to be hard.....
    How can you resist when a gorgeous fabric is there in front of you?
    I couldn't possibly join Stashtacular......
    Love the pansy fabric, Mr.T's favourite flower.

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  7. Yay! So glad you're joining in on all the fun! And i say you can buy wool if you want as it isn't technically fabric. Cute fabrication you've been buying, will have to check out the links. Cheers!

  8. Phew, Sharon and I are relieved... we can splurge in the Spinning Weal, wool, buttoins and beads. Sharon it's up to you to stop me me buying any fat quarters!!

  9. I wonder if you will go on a huge fabric spending spree when the month is up?