Sunday, 24 July 2011

Busy, busy, busy

It's been a busy old week for me. most of it was spent in Cornwall for the Culdrose Air Day. Sadly the drizzle and cloud meant the Red Arrows, Lancaster, Spitfire etc couldn't fly. However, the wing walkers put on a great show and my hair curled beautifully in the damp sea air! I think I need to move to Cornwall so my hair would look fabulous all the time!

I don't have piccy of my pretty hair, so here is one of the view from my dinner table at Falmouth

I haven't managed to clear much of my WIP/UFO pile. Mostly I have been concentrating on my massage course which is pretty intensive. I have to learn the names of lots of muscles, what various bits of the body do, business studies, hygiene, towel management etc, etc. For homework I have to design my massage room (that's fun though), make notes for a 10 minute speech about myself and why I am doing the course (luckily I don't have to give the speech!) and I have to give 5 people 4 massages each and write it all up for my case studies

I did manage to whip up a little soft roll for my massage table after one case study complained mentioned that using the hole in the bed rather than the extended face rest was a bit uncomfortable. Hopefully this will do the trick - I'll know tomorrow when the client (that's what we have to call them) comes back for massage number 2

My mum's lovely next door neighbour gave me some bathroom scales that she no longer needed. they had been in her garage a while and the cork had a damp patch. In Proper Job (one of my favourite shops) I found some marble effect sticky back plastic and being a true Blue Peter gal I covered the scales with it to co-ordinate with my flooring


  1. Glad you enjoyed Cornwall - love what you did with the scales - I'll happily sign up as part of your case study - God knows I could do with a massage! LOL....xx

  2. I'm chuffed wiht the scaels I must admit!

    I've got all my case studies sorted now (plus a waiting list!) but you can have a free one-off if you wanted! I am still learning so I am offering a single free massage to all my friends who aren't case studies

  3. My hair only has to get a wiff of damp and it frizzles (is that a word?) I could def do with living near you. For you I would supply with cupcakes and you could let me have a massage. I have been getting physio on my back and neck and feel like I have been hit with a shovel by the time the (young! short clad) man has finished with me!!

    I only managed to finish off 1 WIP today. It has been so hot here I have mostly faffed around, so not much achieved. Sue x

  4. Oh frizzle is definitely a word! That is what mine does in damp air, but in Cornwall the damp air there made it go in to darling curls and mini ringlets, exactly like I dreamed of as a 6 year old!

    I have a young man to massage me too - he is on my course and needed a case study, so mine is free! Really is a shame you aren't closer, you sound like you'd have made a fascinating case study for me!

  5. It was such a shame the weather didn't brighten on Wednesday. I was supposed to be there with my class, but my husband was still in hospital. I can't say I was awfully disappointed!
    My mum has done a similar massage and aromatherapy course. Before she could touch the essential oils (or a person!) she had to do a twelve month course on anatomy and physiology. I was amazed at how in-depth it was and all the medical terminology she had to learn. She is a practising masseuse and aromatherapist now and loves it (although working over the couch has given her a bad back!).
    Lovely scales makeover.
    Becky x

  6. Goodness,you are a busy girl! Cornwall is beautiful,and if it makes ones hair curly,then even better!
    I find the hole a bit uncomfortable,the little padding tingy will be lovely!

  7. Hi Ray! Well I got here in the end - takes a while to do the rounds. Love to be a regular so I have signed up as your newest follower. See you come from Clevedon. I used to drive an ambulance around there to Weston and surrounding places. I come from Keynsham. Thanks for your comments at my place. I just love Cornwall and must visit again soon. Good luck with your studies. Don't forget:
    The neck bone's attached to the backbone
    The boack bone's attached to the rib bones
    The rib bones' attached to the breast bone . . . .etc. LOL I am doing a silly series on my Painting and Decorating experiences LOL. Eddie X

  8. You're so clever. I would never have thought of recovering a set of bathroom scales.

    Also, I'd much rather have seen your hair than the view, although the view is nice x

  9. That sounds like quite an intensive course!

    Your colour coordination is lovely.Scales turned out very professional looking.

    You are all set now.
    Hoping you get many clients.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. Cornwall? Never been. Is it as nice as they say?

  11. What a great idea for the bathroom scales, they really look good in the room! Karima x