Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Happy lucky me!

I entered a giveaway over at Sew Sweet and guess what? Yep, I won! 

I was so chuffed! I'm now getting all sorts of ideas for what to do with all those darling felt squares. And as for the buttons, well, I am over the moon with them, such a glorious selection of colours. Now I shall be searching for a lovely tin in my favourite charity shops to keep them in as this is just the start of my button collection

What a very generous giveaway - blogland is such a lovely place to be


  1. Buttons everywhere.... lol

  2. You're right Briony - it's definitely a buttony week - I love all yours too

  3. Well done, missus.

    I love buttons. Not the plain old white shirt buttons, but funky, unusual buttons. Some can be a bugger to use on knitted stuff, though xx

  4. Sharon, I love them too, I used to love sorting buttons in jam tart tins when I was little. Although that came to a a halt for a while when I swallowed one and frightened the life out of my poor mum - she was sitting right next to sorting along with me when I did it!