Saturday, 2 July 2011

Happy swapping

I had my first swap with Helen from Moonstruck Creations, you've seen all the lovely goodies I received and you've seen the fairy, but I didn't just send a fairy, well that'd be a bit mean wouldn't it?

I had a lovely time making up the package...

I popped in a felted purple flower brooch/necklace (I know, I still haven't decided on a name for them yet and it gets worse, they now come with a headband as well, so they have 3 purposes... sigh!)

I had one of those mini Bonne Maman jars and since my Blue Peter habits have returned with a vengeance I just can't throw things away so easily! I filled it with wool roving and stabbed until it felted then glued the felt in with some seed beads at the bottom and voila - a travelling pin cushion, not sure why anyone would need a travelling pin cushion, but it was fun to make

To finish it off I also included some pansy fabric, ribbons, embroidery threads and a luscious ball of silky yarn that the nice lady at the Spinning Weal says is crochetable for more adventurous crocheters, since Helen's crochet always looks fantastic I figured she counts as an adventurous crocheter! I added a dark sparkly candle, some chocolate and of course, the fairy!

I'm already on my 4th swap now! My second, has been a bit disastrous as my swap partner lives in Canada and of course they have a postal strike and Royal Mail aren't allowed to take in in any more mail until things are back to normal, so it's going to be a while before that package sees the light of day!

Hopefully the 3rd and 4th will go a little more swimmingly! I am swapping with Heather at Patchwork Heart for the Unbirthday Swap hosted by The Undomesticated Scientist and also with The Undomesticated Scientist for Hookin' with Laalaa's Magic Ball Swap, so that's me kept happily busy for most of July! 

What are you all up to this month?


  1. Your goodies were beautiful, I have had the privilege of seeing them.... did you put Helens initial in the pincushion? what a lovely idea... I'm busy entering more swaps now!!!
    Sue Xxx

  2. Love the brooch. Such a lovely colour. Helen's a lucky lady to be receiving so much lush stuff :)

  3. I just loved this swap so much Rae it was awesome! Everyone was amazed by all the lovely goodies you sent to me.

    PS Im doing a giveaway over at my blog, please join in!