Sunday, 10 July 2011

The owl and the purse went to sea

... in a beautiful pea green boat... oh, hang on it was a pussycat, oops.

So anyway, I've had a quiet weekend, therefore it's a (relatively) short post today. (Phew, I hear you sigh!) I was just in the mood to chill out, so all I have done is make one itsy bitsy tweeny weeny owl for a friend. He is my tiniest one yet, no more than an inch high. I seriously need to get my photo skills sorted out; I just couldn't get a shot of the little critter in focus. My china houses in the backgoround are looking pretty good though!

Of course I just had to finish the blue purse to match the blue handbag. It's lined with felt that matches the handbag. Inside is a pocket made out of a felt square from my giveaway winnings from Sew Sweet. The button is one from my lovely swappy parcel from Moonstruck Creations and matches the button on the handbag flower

In future I might make a glasses case as well to go with each handbag and matching purse, oh, and perhaps a bag charm. Can't have enough things that coordinate can we girls?!

I have made a start on the pansy lined flame handbag, but you'll have to wait to see that!

Hope you all have had a nice relaxed weekend too

PS, yes, all right I confess, I did have a swift trip to the Spinning Weal today, the call of fresh wool tops was too strong! Also I needed a ball of yarn for my Magic Ball Swap .I got a luscious ball of wool from the fabulous Mr & Mrs Harris - they never let me down


  1. I love the owl, it's so sweet, the houses behind are gorgeous as well :)
    Sue Xxxx

  2. Thanks Sue, I think after taking a break from owls for a while (I had to do a few too many in a short time) I might make some more soon - I have a nice stash of wool tops just begging to be used!

  3. Can't wait to see what lushness is on offer at The Spinning Weal when I come down. Every time you mention it my heart does a little flutter :)

  4. I somehow think that we will spend a goodly poertion of the Saturdy in there! And there is a scrummy cupcake shop nearby as well as the pier!

  5. I like your china houses in the background - I have made similar things myself. The blue purse is really sweet. I am off to look through your other posts now to see more.

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble with photos! Oddly, my little point-and-shoot has a close-up setting that would probably capture that little owl very well! (It's just all the other photos that wind up blurry......)

  7. Hiya Rae,
    Thank you for finsing my little blog, I'm so glad you did, I love your little owl, he's such a cutie and your purse is beautiful.
    Have a great evening - Ju xxx

  8. Its quite amazing how creatively busy you are. It is like a little mini factory!
    Love to see it all.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May