Friday, 1 July 2011

Paying it forward...

I had a nice surprise at the beginning of this week... the lovely NJ over at All things random and beautiful awarded me with this...

Do go take a peek at her blog, she is a fellow south-western gal  and was very deservedly featured over at Suzy's artsy-crafty sitcom 

Here are the rules! Please pass on this award to blogs you love with less than 100 followers! Pay it forward! I'm not sure how many people you have to pick on but I've chosen 5

My friend Sharon at Waffling on about. I have 'known' for about 10 years now I think, is that right Sharon? We 'met' through dooyoo the review writing website and we are finally getting to meet in real life at the end of this month when she comes to visit... as you can imagine I am pretty excited about that! Pop over and read some of her waffles, I have always loved her writing and I bet you will too

Helen at Moonstruck Creations was my first blog swap partner. She crochets beautifully and makes fabulous creations, I can definitely recommend her lavender hearts, I can't stop sniffing mine!

Helen's friend Sue @ Home is another creative crafter that I love to visit, I have one of her cards which came in my blog swap parcel from Helen. Sue takes the loveliest photos, the photos of the orange cake she made recently are truly droolworthy

Briony at Crafty-Cats-Corner lives in the south-east of England and I  always enjoy a new post from her and I just love her furry friends. She makes the most amazing embellished patchwork,

Last, but not least and only just coming in under the 100 mark is Emma who owns Sew Sweet and I love dropping in to her blog for inspiration from the cards she and her design team come up with. This week I found out I won her Friday Freebie Candy, to say was a chuffed would be an understatement... I had to read her announcement a few times before I finally believed it!

what I won... lucky, lucky me!!


  1. Oh, how exciting. Both for you and me :)

    I'll have to think about who to pass it on to now.

    Only 28 days to go now :-D

  2. Yay, can't wait!! I'm planning and listing like a mad thing, just need to make sure I actually do *some* of the things on my list before you arrive! (I am a listaholic!)

  3. Thanks for the lovely mention - I'm off now to check out all those blogs you listed! :)xx

  4. Thank you so much :) time to check all your links now :)
    Sue Xxx