Saturday, 16 July 2011

WIP-a-dee-doo-dah, WIP-a-dee-ay

... my, oh my what a wonderful day! actually, the rain is chucking it down outside, but indoors here at my flat, all is cosy and busy. Recently I've been noticing a few people talking about WIPs and UFOs and initially I felt a little smug. After all, I only restarted crafting early this year, so I couldn't have many UnFinished Objects, could I? I might possibly have a couple of Works In Progress

I think what made me face reality was when LaaLaa over at Hookin' With Laalaa set up the UFO Support Group, that's when I counted up all the things I haven't finished yet...

Another 'blaze' bag needs making

both these purses need finishing

The second Barbie apron is cut out but not sewn... the first one was made back in March

My first 'blaze' and pansy bag is in progress at least - just need to finish the lining, attach the handle and make the closure

Most embarassing - I got cross making the first of my piped cushions and wrapped the uncut curtain around the whole lot of them back in March. The towels almost count as a WIP - they are ready for my next massage case study to arrive!

I have the lavender my mum lovingly dried for me, I have the fabric... must get cracking on making it all into lavender bags!

I don't feel quite so bad aboutr this one as I need to find and buy another item before I can progress

Denim covered jotters for my nephews - I must get them done and posted for the start of summer hols

Scrummy stripy rayon to make a summer skirt, I've not even cut in to it yet: I bought it back in April

Purple and blue handbags, not even started yet

Back in March I got a big bag of fabric from Freecycle and have meaning to make a brown faux fur gilet. I just found there is a big chunk of white faux fur too... polar bear anyone?

Well that's eleven WIPs and UFOs I need to get started on this weekend, so yes, I say let it rain! I'm fine all cosied up indoors trying to reduce the to-do pile!


  1. That's a lot of WIPs and UFOs you have there, young lady. Better get your skates on if any of them are to be finished within the foreseeable future (says she who has no WIPs or UFOs in her house.... no, no,... absolutely none.... honest, Guv).

  2. I dare you to go check and count 'em Sharon! ;-) It's amazing how they creep on you!

    Now, I must go back to the sewing machine and stop with the blogging or I'll still be at 11 by the end of the day!

  3. It is quite surprising how quickly that 'to do' list can grow. You've got some great projects on the go there and, once finished, you'll have some lovely items. The rain has stopped here, so crafts and blogging are to be abandoned for a trip to the park!
    Happy crafting!
    Becky x

  4. Thanks Becky, I am enjoying them and will be glad once they are done. The rain has stopped here too, so that's a whole load of not finishing I have done again today... hey I am getting good at not finishing!

  5. I too have a huge list of things WIP's and UFO's, most pressingly a snow white costume for my daughters birthday in 3 weeks - not even cut the fabric yet!!
    Love the jotter covers, they are fab!

  6. Isn't scary how they grow and creep up Alison? I finally finished the jotters for the boys half an hour ago! Hope you get your Snow White costume for your daughter done a little less 11th hourish! ;-)

  7. Ha ha! Good for you putting them all out there for people to see! We all have piles like this - realising that is the first step towards reducing the pile!~ Good luck!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  8. You make everything look so appealing. All those little left over jobs would soon get done with you around!

    A week later & its still raining!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May