Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I'm on a roll...

My best friend has a delicious collection of jewellery, but finds it hard to find a jewellery roll that isn't small and stingy, so I offered to make her a decent sized one for Christmas

Gathering all the bits and bobs


Making the first pocket

The best use for a wooden spoon...stuffing the ring holder

What a bind!


Inside taa-dah!

I added a button and appliquéd a pansy from the cover fabric

The ring holder is just the right size
Ready to be wrapped in tissue paper....
I really enjoyed making this and have some more FQs earmarked for making another!


  1. This looks great. I esecially love the ring holder - fab idea! I make crayon rolls and am going to make some make up rolls (when I get round to it!) but I have never done a zip so mine will be just slots to put things in (I am thinking like a crayon roll but with different sized pockets). I hope your friend liked it - I'm sure she did :-)

  2. You are so clever. I'm sure that lovely gift will be treasured.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. What a lovely gift! I'm sure it will be appreciated!Thanks for visiting and your nice comments!

  4. What a lovely present - and such a good idea for using up fat quarters!

    Pomona x

  5. That is so well made. All the pockets and ring holder - just perfect. Judging by the wooden spoon next to it, it really is a decent size! Your label finishes it perfectly - very professional.
    Becky x

  6. Thank you so much for being a part of “A Little Birdie Told Me…” at Rook No. 17!

    Even as the party continues to grow, I’m glad I still have the opportunity to visit all the amazing projects and soak up the inspiration that is shared each week!

    Hope you’ll join the fun this week too– the party is in full swing!

    Best, Jenn

  7. This is gorgeous, Im sure your friend was thrilled to bits when she received it xxx

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