Monday, 19 March 2012

Fascination with a fascinator

I have always loved hats, fascinators and all types of headgear, so when I bought the feathers for embellishing the masquerade masks from Fabric Land I bought some hat netting too

In my stash I had some tiny scraps of shimmery, smooth chiffon type fabric in shades of purple that I found in a big bag of fabric I had received from Freecycle

So, with needle and thread, some patience and of course my beloved glue gun I made my first fascinator all ready to wear to my friend's wedding in April

However the best laid plans of mice and and men (and crafters everywhere!) and all that... the 'Hen' of last week's hen do expressed admiration of said fascinator, so much to my delight, my first foray in to the world of millinery has a new home

I  foresee a new addiction hobby in the offing... I have already been back to Fabric Land and stocked up on fixings for another couple of fascinators... one for me and one for my BF!


  1. This is great. I love it. Hope your well Rae. Love Katie xx