Sunday, 8 July 2012

The First July Monthly Makes

Well, here I am in my tiara, sash and sparkly shoes all ready to do the honours as Miss July for our darling Annie's Monthly Makes group...

First up we have:

Silvia of Slowlane Made with a beautiful orange cushion and a pair of stunning bolsters in green and gingham and lace. I especially love the fabric of the bolster; the bird is just adorable. Not content with marvellous sewing skills she has also made some delicious looking lavender and oatmeal cookies, a Sahnetorte and a brownie in a mug.I can see being Miss July is not going to bode well for my diet!

Rosa Lily has made a pretty denim pincushion. Very smart and elegant looking it is too.

Celtic Thistle has been busy making weather mug rugs, such a neat idea

Mary Ann at My Tate Gallery has been making some awesome dolls, they are so full of life and style. I especailly love the Goddess Doll

My Hungry Hippie has made a couple of darling tote bags, one very pretty flowery one and one in fabulous London material

Valery Anne has created a Medieval chess set out of buttons and cotton reels; I've never seen one like that before, it's positively ingenious and so pretty. She has blogged about it here

The Blue Giraffe (isn't that just the coolest name?) has been crocheting up a storm and made the most softest looking purse in lovely blue adorned with pretty flowers, all lined in a pretty red floral fabric

Tangled by Magda has created a pair of elegant black crocheted earrings. I don't think it has ever occurred to me that that you could crochet earrings, but you can and they are very stylish
Cheryl at Time to Craft has needle felted a darling rabbit ears headband and mask. They are so cute

Do go and have a look at the Flickr group page and wallow in all the loveliness

Bet you thought I was joking about the tiara didn't you? Well, when my 40th was looming (yes, ok it was a while ago now) my bestest friend was pondering what to get as a suitable gift until inspiration struck... yep, she got me a tiara. Those of you who know me from old will not be at all surprised to know that it has been worn on many occasions over the years and it is wonderful to have another chance to flounce, sashay and generally waft about in it again

I've been a bit (understatement of the year!) busy lately so have been rather lax at crafting, but I'm planning on a quiet Sunday playing with my fabrics (I really need to reduce my stash as I have received a few bag of remnants lately thanks to my wonderful mum) so hopefully I'll have something to add to the group myself then!


  1. Oh My Goodness! Thank you so very much :)
    I have had so many lovely comments and met so many lovely participants through Make a Month...I hope we can all make it through this Year and maybe have another next year!!!???
    I really must say that you absolutely HAVE to try the Brownie in a Mug!! Waistline or not!!

  2. Thanks hun for your lovely comment :) There are so many brilliant makes this month already! x

  3. Finally added my Monthly Make to flicker. Thanks for helping organise this get together this month! Cheers :)