Sunday, 30 September 2012

This week I have mostly been making bracelets

I have a delicious stash of beads that I love looking at and playing with. Finally this week I decided to actually attempt to make something out of some of them! I had some coils of memory wire and treated myself to a £1.49 pair of pliers from my beloved Proper Job and got stuck in...

These are my final monthly makes for September. I've had quite a productive month compared to July and August

I'm now planning and scheming for my October makes as I have a birthday or two coming up plus a couple of swaps and of course Christmas is looming... eek, time to get a wiggle on methinks!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I think I'm turning in to a bag lady

This weekend my lovely friend took me to London for an early (I’m a Pisces!) birthday treat: Jesus Christ Superstar at the O2 Arena and a night in a hotel... squeal! Well, being me I couldn’t just use my usual bags for that could I? So, first thing on Saturday morning, an hour before I had to leave I thought it might be a good idea to finish off a small patchwork bag that I’d been meaning to finish for a while. 


Also the front, depending on what I am wearing

Not content with that I realised I couldn’t find my usual little blue backpack. So, using an old Roman blind my sister had generously donated to my stash I whipped up an old school style PE bag effort – it was supposed to be a groovy rucksack with proper  shoulder straps etc, but time was short!

The show was utterly amazing. If you get the chance, do go and see it. I’d vaguely heard of Tim Minchin (I don’t have a telly so am not up to speed on current comedians!) and he was brilliant as Judas; very passionate and powerful. The chap who played Jesus, who I gather came from one of those ‘searching for’ shows was awesome (he reminded me a little of Neil Diamond, but in a good way). Chris Moyles as Herod was good, in a kind of panto baron way. Mel C as Mary Magdalene excellent; very moving. It has to be one of the most powerful performances I have ever seen. It was brought brilliantly up to date with modern clothes and backdrops 

An odd thing ~ when I turned my ignition in my car to go home at the end of all the fun, Mel C was singing her solo from the show... slightly spooky, but great timing on the part of Elaine Paige on Radio 2!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

A handbag for autumn

Last year I did Laalaa's Magic Ball swap with the lovely Undomesticated Scientist and received (amongst many other wonderful treats) some balls of fabulous fluffy purple yarn. 

Now, I am not a good knitter (bearing in mind it took me the entire 9 months of pregnancy to knit one small matinee jacket!) so I figured I'd make a scrummy scarf for my son and heir

Having cast on too many stitches so the scarf was too wide, I was informed that the son didn't want a scarf. Hmm.. luckily my mum came up with the perfect solution... turn it in to a handbag, so that's just what I did... almost a year after I first started!

I crocheted along chain for the handle then thumb crocheted it, and thumb crocheted it again to get the thickness. The lining is from a luscious remnant my mum treated me to recently (actually I was quite spoiled as she got me a bagful of lovely John Lewis remnants and curtain samples, which I am sure will turn up in various guises over the next few months)

This is my second September make in the Felt Fairy's Monthly Make challenge... I'm clearly on a roll this month!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Jar of Fluff Love

A very belated jar of love I'm afraid... when I signed up for this blog swap (and Laalaa's Great British one) little did I realise I would be moving right in the middle of when I ought to making and posting

My lovely friend Katie came up with the rather spiffing idea of filling a jar with little tiny things, and I leapt at the chance to join in. I was partnered with The String Empire and she was amazing; my jar arrived in super quick time and was beautifully decorated in a cosy crochet jacket (I so wish I could learn to crochet) and topped with a lush felt flower and was full of lovely treats...

The chocolate got eaten rapidly as did the shiny fish! The goldfish hangs proudly on my craft room noticeboard
On my ritual stalk around The String Empire I found that she made some very lovely little stuffed creatures so in a moment of inspiration I thought I'd make her a Jar of Fluff (well, it sounds a bit like Jar of Love!). With that in mind I used some toy stuffing to line and pad the jar with as I filled it with my bits and pieces

As ever my photographic memory is not that at all and I forgot to snap a piccy of it all in the jar and labelled up! Doh! Still, here's a photo of the label I wrapped the jar in!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sunny days are here again!

Well, maybe that is a bit optimistic, but we have had a few in the South-west recently, in between the torrential downpours of a normal British summertime, of course!

I have quite a collection of sunglasses that I never know what to do with. So when I moved in to my new place I thought I'd rustle up a hanger to go on the wall between the lounge and the kitchen-diner

I got some leftover cushion cover fabric and some unwanted serviettes my mum had kindly donated to my fabric stash...
 ... and a short while later... ta-dah! 
I also added a little pocket to keep my screen wipes in as I can never think where to keep them either!*

Even though there is a distinct chill in the air now, I have a feeling we may be in for a glorious Indian summer; if so, at least I'll have my sunnies to hand to make the most it!

This is my first (and hopefully not last!) Monthly Make for September

* can you spot the pretty clock that I received in my first ever blog swap?!

Monday, 3 September 2012

I won, I won!

A while ago (before I moved and got lost in the land of non-internet) the delicious Pickle-Lily was doing a giveaway and guess who was lucky enough to win? Yes, me!

My parcel arrived on the day of my move, which cheered me up no end and I'm sure reduced my stress levels a tad!

Look at all the divine goodies I was lucky enough to receive...

That lovely bag by Annabelle is going to be used on all my trips away now. The chocolate is (unsurprisingly) long gone! The ribbon is in my stash and some has been used already! Oh, and yes, proof that the box arrived on moving day... that is my kitchen with wardrobes in it waiting for the removal men!

I am sure I will get to meet Pickle-Lily in real life one day as she lives not far from me and has stalls at assorted fairs and fêtes so with luck I'll track her down and be able to thank her in person

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Great British Swap

Our lovely Laalaa came up with idea for the great British Swap and being me and unable to resist a good swapping joined up immediately. I was Partnered with the lovely Pj of The Snail Garden, isn't that such a cool name for a blog?

Of course, at the time I didn't realise I was going to be moving house and jobs right in the middle of swapping so sadly my poor swap partner Pj has only just received her  box of treats

My lovely box of delights arrived whilst I was in mid pack and brightened a very stressful time...

The biccies didn't last long as you can imagine! The lovely bunting is adoring the door of my new little craft room... and the cupcake cases will soon be filled with some fairy cakes

In return (finally!) I sent...

I'm pretty much all settled now, even my craft room is usable (the first few weeks it was blocked by a wardrobe in the middle of the door... it's  a long story, which I shall no doubt relate at some point!) so I shall be back blogging again on a more regular basis... I have another swap (also finally) completed plus I won a wonderful giveaway... stay tuned!